CryptoSafe Alliance

The CryptoSafe Alliance is a Binance-led industry cooperative focused on strengthening security and preventing cryptocurrency fraud.

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Defending the global cryptocurrency community through collaboration

The CryptoSafe Alliance brings together crypto exchanges, blockchain protocols, cybersecurity experts, and compliance firms from around the world.

Led by Binance, CryptoSafe Alliance members collaborate via the CryptoSafe Platform, a decentralized incident report and response system designed to mitigate risk with real-time intelligence and monitoring of suspicious transactions, hacks, scams and other malicious incidents—all privately within a trustless environment to ensure the protection of sensitive data.

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Why join the CryptoSafe Alliance?

Alliance members gain access to the CryptoSafe Platform, which provides advanced analysis based on shared intelligence and collective security insights.

Join the Alliance to protect yourself and your users from interacting with known bad actors.

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What is the CryptoSafe platform?

The CryptoSafe platform is a decentralized incident report and response system powered by the Oasis Network and the Oasis Labs privacy SDK, Parcel. Alliance members can safely store and analyze sensitive data in a trustless environment.

The platform will expand to provide proactive, real-time fraud analysis and monitoring of suspicious transactions and wallet addresses, in order to combat cryptocurrency fraud, while raising the industry standard for defense against bad actors.

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How does the CryptoSafe Alliance protect your organization?

CryptoSafe Alliance maintains a blacklist of member-submitted malicious digital addresses from known bad actors. Alliance members can integrate the blacklist into their own services to protect their users.

Inaugural Alliance members

Oasis Labs

Oasis Labs is the primary infrastructure provider of the CryptoSafe Alliance. Founded with a mission to build an ecosystem of privacy-first applications and platforms, Oasis Labs offers data privacy APIs for enterprises and developers to easily enable privacy and define secure data access policies. Leveraging Oasis' innovations in privacy-preserving computing, the CryptoSafe platform provides defense in depth in a trustless environment to ensure the protection of sensitive data.


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